Computational Fluid Dynamics

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We are very pleased to announce providing our new service Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) application in the water industry. A system of complex components works together to reach the desired system performance in water and wastewater treatment plants therefore a careful and harmonious design is required to achieve it.

The main objectives in water and wastewater treatment design are:

  1. Meeting health and environmental standards
  2. Optimizing treatment process efficiency
  3. Minimizing treatment plants capital, operation, and maintenance costs

These days few water engineers are aware of the advantages of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the water industry. We at SCC, offer screening, designing, and improvements of water and wastewater treatment process through Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) without costly and time-consuming onsite experiments.

Our other services include:


we help solve your engineering CFD challenges by simulating your case scenarios using in our-house developed codes.


Level up your skills with our OpenFOAM and Ansys training from zero to hero.

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